ACT prepares to test sophomores


The Mirror reporter

This spring, the challenging preparation test known as the “ACT Aspire” will be given to sophomores. The general hope is that it will provide sophomores with adequate preparation for the actual ACT, which they will take next spring.

Theoretically, the test are roughly the same, with the difference being the weight they carry. While the ACT is potentially the difference between being accepted and rejected to a desired college, the Aspire is merely a warmup and was created solely for preparation purposes.

The test will be administered April 18 and 19. It will last nearly all day.

Alida Richards and Aidan Boetcher are sophomores at SPASH who will be taking the test.

“The test seems like it’ll really help us prepare for the ACT,” said Richards. “It’ll be fun to see how well I am projected to do.”

“We haven’t really been told a whole lot about the test as of yet,” said Boetcher. Regardless, I hope that my score will reflect that of what I wish to achieve on the actual ACT.”

Prior to the test, students will be taught proper ways to prepare, along with helpful test-taking strategies.