Wrestlings Ups and Downs


The Mirror reporter

Justin Groshek is only a sophomore at SPASH.  As a member of the wrestling team and has accomplished some pretty amazing things. He is a two-time conference champ and two-time state qualifier.

This year he made it to state and ended up taking second.

Groshek said, “The trip down to state was a ton of fun. I didn’t get exactly what I wanted but it was still a great experience.”

Groshek said, “In my first couple matches I just concentrated and always got the first takedown. That was really the key. It put me ahead and gave me confidence. I ended my first day with two wins. Then I had to go back to the hotel. This was relaxing but I still had to make weight the next day so I couldn’t really have much (food). I woke up the next day and that is when it really kicked in. I knew I had to wrestle my best.”

Groshek said, “In my semifinals match I had the guy that was supposed to win my side of the bracket. Before the match all the coaches would say is you have to go out there and wrestle your own match. In the first period I got the first takedown and from there until the end of the match I had all the control. After that match, I rested and came back for the finals. In the first period, he got a takedown and I couldn’t get out. The rest of the match was me trying to play catchup.”

Groshek said, “My goal was to win state. I ended coming up short but I will learn from it and come back next year stronger and better. I am going to use this as motivation for next year and work hard in the off-season.”

People in the Stevens Point area view Groshek as a hard-working perfectionist.

James Berdan, one of the wrestling coaches said, “He knows what he needs to work on every practice. He attacks his own weaknesses to make himself better. He never slacks and he really pushes everyone on the team to work hard and it obviously paid off.”

Teammate Chance Bailey said, “He is a great teammate. He knows when it is time to goof off and when it is time to be serious. In practice he is all business, pushing himself to the limits. Then after practice, he is cracking jokes and making the team closer.”

Bailey said, they “have become great friends. We go and get food and hang out on the weekends.”

Groshek said, “I cannot wait for next year. My goal is to win state.”