From our Russian correspondent

“Hello my name is Alina”

“Hello my name is Alina”


The Mirror reporter

My name is Alina and I am from Rostov-the-Great which is in the Yaroslavl region of Russia. I am an exchange student and during this semester I will live with Gargulak family. Within a week I became so close to them. They are more benevolent than you even imagine.

About 10 months ago there was an essay contest in which one winner could visit the US for several months. It seemed exciting so I decided to take a chance. I wrote a little essay which was liked by Americans so now I am here.

I think that my staying in the US will really help me to prepare for my main English exam next year and to enter a prestigious university in Russia.

There are so many different interesting classes at SPASH but I am taking following ones, American Literature, US History, Government & Politics, Writing for Publication, and Literature & Writing

To be honest it is really hard to studying these subjects because I do not speak English to perfection.

My family is not big, it consists of me, my parents, aunt, and two cousins. My mother’s name is Tatiana. She is auditor working in the administration of Rostov town. She is really kind and always wants to be helpful. My father, Boris, is a mechanic. Honestly, he has a really good sense of humor.   My aunt Margarita is good at cooking and sewing. I think the skills she has are very helpful. What about my cousins Sergey and Dmitry? These people spent all my childhood with me and I really appreciate It. They are so cheerful so I am never bored with them.

My family prefers spending free time outside to become more healthy and stronger.

Some months ago I got a guitar as a birthday present and when I have free time I study chords. It is not easy honestly. My favorite thing to do is learning different foreign languages but because of a lot of schoolwork I almost have no time to do this

After the 11th grade and after passing main exams I would like to enter a prestigious St. Petersburg University and study foreign languages. I know dreams will come true. The main thing is to work hard!

What pop culture things I like? To be honest, I am really a music lover. I cannot imagine my life without listening to music. It is like a part of me. Wherever I go, music always accompanies me. My favorite genres are pop and rock music. It sounds exciting, doesn’t it? When I have free time I prefer listening to Nickelback band songs. I hope that I will be able to see their concert someday.

I have been in the US for a week now and I realize that I really like how people relate to each other here. They are always ready to leave their business and to help you with something in a difficult moment. It is worthy of respect, honestly! Unfortunately, such people cannot always be met in Russia.

During these four months, I hope to learn customs and traditions of the country I am in.