15 Days of Euros and Pounds


The Mirror reporter

SPASH students and staff are preparing for their biennial trip to Europe.

The time has been set for early summer of 2019. The students and chaperones will visit the countries of Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Austria.

The 15-day trip, as in years past, is being headed by Cari Frederiksen, a Spanish teacher at SPASH.

“The students have many things to look forward to, like visiting new countries and indulging in a new culture,” Frederiksen said. “I just love seeing new things and the enjoyment on the students’ faces.

There will be many opportunities to see famed landmarks such as Big Ben, Parliament, the Eiffel Tower, the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall and many others.

The cost of the trip is around $4000, and would include two meals a day, along with lodging. The price is not firm, as it can be greatly reduced through fundraising, which in itself is of paramount importance.

There will be many opportunities for students to get money for the trip without having to dip into their personal piggy banks.

For more information, contact Frederiksen at [email protected].