Book Swapping Madness


The Mirror reporter

The 9th Annual Book Swap will be April 12 and 13 in the SPASH library. All the staff needs now is the books.

To participate students bring in books they have already read and give them to either their English teachers or the main desk in the library.

After giving them their book the teacher will give them a book buck. Hardcovers are worth two bucks and paperbacks are worth one.

Students then trade in their book bucks for new books to read.

Librarian Beth Molski started this tradition at SPASH nine years ago. Molski said, “The Book Swap creates an opportunity for kids to start talking about reading. Some people bring in grocery bags full of books.”

One of the main reasons Molski started doing this was for kids who couldn’t afford to buy new books. Molski said, “This creates a new fun way to get books.”

Last year 728 books were swapped. Molski said, “The people who come nearly always like it.” Books can be brought in anytime until the book swap is over.

Molski gives the English class that has the most books brought in cinnamon rolls when the book swap ends. Molski said, “The competition is pretty good between all the English teachers.”

English teachers also will be given extra book bucks to give to students that have the best attitudes and are participating.

Any questions concerning the book swap can be addressed to Beth Molski at [email protected] or at 715-345-5406.