SPASH students fiddle their way through another musical


The Mirror reporter

The history of Stevens Point Area Senior High (SPASH) musicals continued as students of the drama, music and stage crew departments wrapped up this year’s show. Two months of singing, dancing and lots of hard work were presented to friends and family on Feb. 1, 2 and 3.

This year the students performed an adaptation of Joseph Stein’s Fiddler on the Roof. This musical takes place in Imperial Russia in 1905 and follows the lives of poor milkman Tevye, his wife and their five daughters.

The production was directed by faculty Dena Mercer, Deb Pionek, Cynthia Kiepert and student director Maddie Eron.

“I love working with all the student musicians and it’s very exciting doing the shows,” Kiepert said. “Every night it is different, but it always goes well. I will continue to do this until SPASH stops doing musicals.”

Noah Tolbert, a senior at SPASH, was given the role of Tevye in this production. Other lead actors were: Theresa Yonash, Lydia Ensminger, Alivia Nostrati, Allison Kleman, Emily Check, Thomas Felt, Riley Andrews, Zach Stremer, Tanner Reed, Drew Davisson, Ariel Zoromski and Hope Mahon (as the Fiddler).

The ensemble and pit orchestra contributed by setting the atmosphere in the auditorium. Choreographers provided the dancing and all parts of stage crew created the visuals people experienced those days.

Erin Raygo, a junior at SPASH, got to take part in her first SPASH musical. She said she loved the experience and now has many new friends and memories.

Rayna Bushéy, a junior and head of costumes, loved helping the cast with their wardrobe. She said most of the costumes were from the costume closet in the SPASH auditorium. Some of the others were rented from The Costumers in New York. Rayna liked being part of the production and working backstage rather than onstage.

“I’m very nervous about the costumes falling apart during the show, but everyone else is sounding fine. I think they’ll do great. Meanwhile, I’m running like a chicken with my head cut off,” Bushéy said.

“I would do it again next year because it is a really good experience, and being a senior you will get to help the incoming sophomores on how it all works,” Raygo said.