Class has school-wide impact


The Mirror reporter

Adventure Leadership is a class taken for seniors in hope to challenge many physical and mental aspects of their lives. Amy Steinmetz leads students in climbing, performing circus activities, scuba diving, kayaking, snowshoeing, skiing and team building.

This class is available to any SPASH senior during 2nd and 3rd period for either first or second semester.

One of the events that entices many to join this class is the two-day camping trip to Devil’s Lake, which takes place during the beginning of the first semester class and the end of the second semester class. During this trip, they set up their own tents, hike, rock climb and create a fire to make their own food.

A special bond was formed between the individual classes. Some would say that they even found a new family.

“This class taught me collaboration skills that will end up being useful in the workplace,” Jenna Boeck said. “I was able to learn how to really put myself out there ultimately throughout my life and showed how easy it is to connect with people, which was really cool to see.”

A challenge that the students had to face throughout the class included having to complete a final project and obtaining the six hours of leadership outside of the classroom. Many events were held to help the students gain hours and to collaborate with unrecognizable faces, which was a great experience.

PODS, McDill Student Senate, after school family climb, and free climb during gym were among the events that SPASH Adventure Leadership hosted during first semester.

“I learned that wellness was not only something to physically aspire towards, but also emotionally and spiritually,” Sydney Clark said. “Mrs. Steinmetz encouraged everyone to go above and beyond to meet the different areas of wellness in order to impact their lives forever.”

A semester only lasts 90 days, but many of those that have taken the class claim that their memories last far longer.