Course selection for next year underway


The Mirror reporter

Students at Stevens Point Area Senior High (SPASH) have now completed semester one of the 2017-2018 school year, however, this means they must start thinking about the next school year.

Class registration will take place Monday, Feb. 5 to Thursday, Feb. 8 during the school day. Registration will be held in the auditorium at a student’s designated time. To check out their times, go to Dates and times are also posted on the North Office and Counseling Office windows.

Every student handles registration differently, with opinions ranging from A to Z. “When it comes to registration I like to look at the SPASH Academic Guide Book to help me decide the appropriate classes to take,” junior Chloe Bancker said.

Other students, however, find registration a very stressful time. “I always get really stressed when picking out classes… Am I going to like the class? Do I even want to take the class?” junior Caitlin Miller said. “I wish it was an easier process and once classes were chosen you could change them without problems coming up… maybe the process would be less stressful and easier to deal with.”

Finding information about your class selection can be easier. Check out the SPASH Academic Guide, available on the SPASH homepage, under the tab student resources. Students may also check with their counselors for more information.

There are students however who choose to take the easy way out. River Siegel, a freshman at Ben Franklin Junior High said, “I’m not really stressed or anything about classes. I’m honestly just taking classes my friends chose. I’m just glad I’ll be leaving Ben!”