STEP credit recovery program explained

The Mirror reporter
Are you in need of credit recovery in order to graduate? Have you ever heard of the Student Turnaround Evening Program (STEP)?
Like the title says, the purpose of STEP is to provide credit recovery for students who may have failed a class or is in need of credits to graduate. It is mainly targeted towards juniors and seniors but Jenessa Reid, SPASH school counselor and coordinator of the STEP program said, “In some circumstances, sophomores are allowed to take part in the program.”
The program provides English, science, math and social studies credit recovery. The program begins the second quarter and continues through the third quarter.
Classes are held Monday through Thursday after school from 3:15 until 4:30. Math and English classes meet in room 1302, science class meets in 2334, and social studies class meets in the life skills center.
Reid said, “Students can earn half credit for each of the classes they take. They are also able to earn a half credit if they choose to take study skills, meaning a student is able to receive two and a half credits in total. Students can choose to do volunteer service of 90 documented hours which is another half credit. Therefore, if a student so chooses, they are able to earn up to three full recovery credits.”
The classroom environment differs from a typical classroom environment with class sizes being about 10 to 15 students. The classes are project-based learning instead of test-based classes. Students will be involved in hands-on projects. STEP does not grade with letters, it’s a pass or a fail. There are a lot of group work activities, however, if a student so chooses, they can work individually.
Reid said, “Each class is a total of 16 sessions. It is important to note that attendance is crucial. If a student misses more than three times, they are withdrawn from the program.”
“Monday is math class, taught by Mrs. Zimmer. Tuesday is social studies, taught by Heather Brinkman. Wednesday is science, taught by Mr. Huber and Thursday is English which is taught by me,” Reid said. “Study skills is a part of each class but it meets with different classes each week. Study skills is taught by Jordan Kropp.”
“There are two ways to apply to STEP. The first way is to receive a referral from a counselor and the second way is to complete an application in the fall,” Reid said.