Plunging for a cause


The Mirror reporter 

On Saturday, Dec. 16, the Boston School Forest Polar Plunge took place. Participants in the Polar Plunge included student teacher Mike Messerli and resource teacher Christopher Doubek.

Every 10 minutes participants would jump right into the freezing water with the promise of hot chocolate after their plunge. The entire event lasted close to two hours.

Messerli said, “It was very cold, to say the least, but being out there among some former coworkers and students really made it feel a lot warmer. If they were to host another I will participate and recruit more friends to join me in raising funds and plunging. While it seems terrible, it’s only cold for a moment and then you feel very awake and alive.”

Doubek said, “It came down on Thursday afternoon that each building needed a staff member to plunge into the pond and I volunteered to participate if we as a staff could raise $100 dollars in one day, and we exceeded that. I had polar plunged before for the Special Olympics a couple times, and it takes your breath away and you gasp for air when you come to the surface. The worst part is walking back to change clothes. If they do it again next year I would definitely do it again if the staff and the kids wanted me to.”

All money made from the Polar Plunge was donated to help to construct a bridge that will allow the handicapped to cross the pond at Boston School Forest.