Art is more than just drawing


The Mirror reporter

There are a wide variety of art classes that Stevens Point Area Senior High (SPASH) offered to students as an elective. At SPASH students can choose to take Drawing, 3D Design, Ceramics, Sculpture, Painting, Advanced Drawing and Painting, Art Metals, or Photography, after taking 2D Design.

“2D Design is a prerequisite art class unless students had already taken it in ninth grade,” Zoe Brown, SPASH 2D Design art teacher said. “2D Design is an introduction to art class. We do two-dimensional art, drawing, painting, and printmaking. Art classes are beneficial to students because they’re exposed to millions of art-related careers, it helps them become creative critical thinkers, and is a way of communication.”

“2D Design has taught me a lot and I feel like my art has improved over the semester. It’s never a stressful class and is honestly really enjoyable,” Nancy Thao, a SPASH student said.

Drawing, 3D Design, Advanced Drawing and Painting, Sculpture, Painting, and Art Metals that are taught by Sharon Pfeffer, and Ceramics and Photography are taught by Noah Calhoun.

“In Drawing, students are able to build their observational skills and use a variety of media. In 3D Design, students get to explore three-dimensional elements of design. Sculpture students also get to explore three-dimensional elements of design, but also other artwork as well. In Painting, students learn the fundamentals of color and how to use watercolor, acrylics, and oil. In Art Metals, students learn how to fabricate jewelry using copper and silver, and also learn how to saw, sand, cut, and cast,” Pfeffer said. “Art classes expose students to new ways of learning and are able to explore different materials using their imagination.”

“It helps students develop problem-solving skills and continue to work on their fine arts skills,” Calhoun said. “In Photography, students learn the process of filmmaking, how to use a film camera, the rules of photography composition, and rules of principles of art to create beautiful photographs. In Ceramics, students also use elements of principles of art, they learn basic forms of constructions, and how to enhance ceramics form.”