It truly is a wonderful life


The Mirror reporter

Around 10 p.m. Christmas Eve, George Bailey, would make a terrible decision that would change his entire life.

George Bailey, resident of Bedford Falls and owner of Bailey Brothers Building and Loan, was on the verge of suicide late Sunday night. Bystanders said Bailey was standing near the edge of an icy bridge when he lost his footing and fell into the bone-chilling water below him. During his fall, Baily hit his head and was knocked unconscious. Thankfully, emergency vehicles arrived within five minutes and pulled Bailey out of the water.

Bailey was rushed to St. Clarence Emergency Hospital in Bedford, where his family patiently waited for him to gain consciousness.

George woke two hours later, unharmed except for a bump in the back of his head and a few scratches. Before a “what happened” or “where am I” was uttered, Bailey looked around his hospital room filled with family and friends and exclaimed, “I had a vision!”

Nurse Ruth Dakin said, “It was truly a sight to be seen.”

Bailey went on to explain that after his fall, he remembers hitting his head, and waking up in heaven. He met his guardian angel, named Clarence. Clarence showed George what his life would be like if he were never born. George tearfully went through the ordeal of recalling these events.

“I remember seeing my wife Mary as an old maid, my mother as a hardened old woman, my brother was dead, and my kids…they were never born. This was all very hard for me to see,” Bailey said.

“You could tell this was a genuine experience, Bailey had a real near death experience and truly got to witness something spectacular. I think that in the end, it was a happy accident, but George will need lots of bed rest and therapy after this,” Doctor Ernie Warner said.

“This was probably the scariest moment in my life, I never thought I would get this call. I was so worried about George. Now that he has told us what he saw, I think George can now finally realize that his life is something special,” said Mary Bailey.

Bailey was released from the hospital the next day.

“I definitely know what I saw was real, it was the scariest experience in my life. But I will forever be grateful for my guardian angel Clarence, and never take anything for granted anymore” said Bailey

Georges 6-year-old daughter, Zuzu Bailey,  looked up at her dad as a bell atop the Hospital Christmas tree rang and said “Daddy, Teacher says every time bell rings an angel gets its wings. Maybe Clarence got his wings? See daddy you really do have a wonderful life.”

Never a truer word was spoken by little Zuzu.

Bailey will be resting up for a few days and spending time with his family over the holidays.