Netflix is taking over


The Mirror reporter

According to The Daily Campus, people from more than 190 countries are watching approximately 125 million hours of Netflix every single day. This may be a serious issue for cable.

Cable has been losing customers at an alarming rate. According to Business Insider, the top eight cable providers saw 463,000 subscribers drop their services, with around 141,000 dropping plans at the same time last year.

It’s no secret that Netflix is a big deal. Netflix offers online streaming so viewers can watch instantly and constantly. Viewers don’t have to wait until next week like they would if they were watching regular television. Netflix is also hassle-free, there is never any returning of DVDs or late fees. Netflix also offers a wide selection of something for everyone and relatively cheap compared to any cable prices. Netflix has three different payment plans when it comes to streaming. They are Basic, Standard, and Premium and plans start at $8 and go up to $14.

Connor Mrozek said, “I like Netflix because I can watch anything that’s on and have more of a selection.”

Eli Strong said, “I would prefer to watch cable for the sports. They are not an option on Netflix.’”

Matt Lang said, “It depends on who I’m with, if I’m with my family I will tend to watch cable if. I have free time I will watch a show or movie on Netflix.”

Trent Metz said, “I like Netflix because the movie selection is bigger.’’