FCCLA/HOSA Health-O-Ween scaring away bad habits


The Mirror reporter

Changing bad habits later in life can be difficult, it’s better to start learning healthy habits at a young age, which is why on Monday, Oct. 23, Tuesday, Oct. 24, and Thursday, Oct. 26, Family, Career and Community Leaders (FCCLA)/ Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) students visited three elementary schools in the school district. “We went to Madison, Jefferson, and McKinley Elementary to teach the first and second grades about scaring away bad habits,” Brett Lesniak, Stevens Point Area Senior High (SPASH) FCCLA/HOSA teacher said.

“This is the first time that we’ve done this. The students created the project Health-O-Ween themselves,” Lesniak said. “All students did their part in planning and brainstorming for what they could do for the community.”

“There were three different stations that we created. There was a snack station where we created yogurt parfaits with the kids, an itsy bitsy spider craft, and hand washing station, and a dance station where the kids learned the importance of being active,” Sara Mansavage, a FCCLA/HOSA student said.

“After the stations, the kids went back to their original group and learned about the importance of brushing their teeth. We also handed out happy Halloween toothbrushes that were donated by First Impression Dentistry,” Lesniak said.

“We wanted to promote healthy habits,” Korrine Buss, another FCCLA/HOSA student added. With the different rotations, the students were able to teach the kids about healthy habits. It’s fun for the kids and also informative.

“The students wanted to create a project that will have an impact on the community,” Lesniak said. Not only was it a good experience for the kids, but the students also felt good about it.

“I liked working one on one with the kids,” student Jessica Barber said.

“I would do it again because it made the kids really happy,” Erin Jacobson added.

Group members are (top row left to right )Katelyn Engebretson, Lauren Johnson, Autumn Pretat, Erin Jacobson, Peyton Kowalski, Morgan Shulfer, Jessica Barber, Jesse Trebiatowski, (middle row) Kaitlyn Kieieszewski, Korrine Buss, Abbey Rosenthal, Jaide Hoppe, Chayce Henry, Kaylee Newland, Anna Vandehey, Holly Saeger, (bottom row) Julia Moder, Carly Fix, Casey Summers, Olivia Molle, and Sara Mansavage.