Gamers’ Alliance provides fun and friendships


The Mirror reporter

Stevens Point Area High School has a wide variety of clubs including the Gamers’ Alliance of Stevens Point (GASP), club based on the principle that games are fun and playing those games with others helps build friendships.

GASP adviser Scott Ahern said, “We play all kinds of games: regular card games like War and Egyptian Rat Slap; board games like Munchkin and King of Tokyo specialty card games like Legends of Draxia and Magic. Tabletop games like chess and checkers, various single-player and cooperative video games, and even role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.”

Ahern added, “What makes us unique is our eclectic approach to games and membership. You don’t have to play a certain game (or even any game) to belong. We have several members who just come to hang out and talk to people while games are going on, even working on homework while just enjoying the energy.”

GASP meets every Thursday after school in room 2218.

Marc Wysock and Sabre Dorsey, two of the many members of Gamers’ Alliance. Jayna Salvinski Photo