Daily Dose for November 7

INTERNATIONAL: The New York Times reports that 10 North Koreans have been detained in China. They were attempting to escape to South Korea. Many activists are arguing that the refugees not be forcefully repatriated and be allowed to immigrate to where they were heading to. This is after a month of over 100 North Korean refugees being rounded up in China.

NATIONAL: The Washington Post reports that the Texas church shooter, Devin P. Kelley, escaped from a mental institution in 2012 after he threatened military supervisors. He had attempted to sneak guns onto an air force base and make death threats. This event took place at around the same time he was court-martialed for domestic abuse of his wife and daughter. He then attempted to take a bus out of the state. When he was detained, police described him as a “danger to himself and others.”

LOCAL: 27 ABC WKOW reports Ascension St. Michael’s Hospital is the first hospital in north-central Wisconsin to be recognized as a “baby-friendly designated” birth facility. It offers new mothers information, skills, and confidence needed to begin or continue breastfeeding their babies. It is one hospital in ten in the state of Wisconsin to receive this international award.

SPASH: The Blood Center of Wisconsin reports that on Wednesday, Nov. 22, they will be hosting a blood drive at Stevens Point Area Senior High in the North Commons. The drive goes from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and is open to the public. All donations go to Ascension (St. Michael’s Hospital) in Stevens Point.