Your Daily Dose for November 1

INTERNATIONAL: ABC News reported that Liberia’s Supreme Court ordered a temporary halt to preparations for next week’s runoff presidential election as it awaits a hearing on alleged voting irregularities.

NATIONAL: CNN reported that today during a White House Cabinet meeting Trump stated that he’ll be terminating the Diversity Visa Lottery, due to the attack in New York. “I am going to ask Congress to immediately initiate work to get rid of this program, diversity lottery, diversity lottery. Sounds nice, it is not nice, it is not good. It hasn’t been good and we have been against it,” President Trump said.

LOCAL: Book World, a local Wisconsin business will be closing all 45 of its stores. The stores are said to be closing due to the rise of online shopping. Liquidation sales will begin on Nov. 2, as reported in the Stevens Point Journal.

SPASH: SPASH will have seven student-athletes signing National Letters of Intent or Commitment to continue as student-athletes next year at their respective colleges. The signing will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 8 at 10:30 a.m. in the South Commons. The students are:

Ally Miklesh-Softball @ UW-Madison

Liam Belson-Track @ UW-Madison

Julia Stupar-Swim @ UW-Madison

Emily Check-Swim @ Western Illinois Univ.

Maggie Negaard-Basketball @ Drake Univ.

Drew Blair-Basketball @ NW Missouri St.

Joey Hauser-Basketball @ Marquette Univ.