Spanish Club offers activities and education


The Mirror reporter

Stevens Point Area Senior High (SPASH) has many extracurricular opportunities for students. From school sports to small clubs, SPASH gives students options to get active with their school.

Among these many opportunities is an after school club known as Spanish Club.

Spanish Club runs after school until approximately 4 p.m. every Wednesday. The club gives an opportunity for students to learn the culture of Spanish speaking countries around the world. This club, run by the Spanish teacher Ron Silva, is like a Spanish class, the only difference is that in the club, students learn about the culture of Spanish speaking countries and not necessarily learning how to speak the language.

Silva said, “Spanish Club gives students the opportunity to explore different cultures from a variety of Spanish speaking countries. It is important to learn and to be aware that even though many countries share the same language, cultures vary between and within them.”

Spanish Club has been known to have many activities. One of the more popular activities that is recognized is, during early November, the members have made sugar skulls for the Spanish holiday known as Day of the Dead. Other activities can include native Spanish games and learning activities that Spanish children do for fun.

While SPASH has many clubs and sports, it has very few clubs for languages and learning about other cultures. Spanish Club is a great option for anyone who loves learning about cultures that are close to America. The club is always looking for more members to join.