Feminist Club attracts members


The Mirror reporter

Feminist Club met for the first time this year on Monday, Oct. 2, and plans to meet every Monday at 3:30. Approximately 20 people attended. Adviser Amanda Sweet said, “I was so surprised at how many students showed up for the first meeting.”

Sweet said “There are a lot of preconceived ideas about what feminism is and I think it will be great for us to further educate people to reshape these preconceived ideas.”

Students openly shared their thoughts about feminism. A few came to learn more about what feminism is. Sweet said “I loved that we were able to share our ideas about what feminism is and our experiences.”

The club plans to start as a school club and reach out to Amnesty International Group.

The goals are to be a support group for people to express themselves through slam poetry and to address issues and educate one another on the issue. Sweet said, “I am excited to go more in depth discussing the issues that the students are excited to discuss.”

Sisterhood, a group outside of school attended the meeting. Sisterhood is a group of Hmong girls who come together to talk about issues in their life and fights for social justice.  Cia Siab Vang, a member of Sisterhood said, “Going to Feminist Club was a crucial thing for us to do as women of color. We wanted to make sure that the club wasn’t a white feminist club.”

Feminist Club members at their second gathering of the school year. (Bergen Jackson Photo)