SPASH fall play coming up


The Mirror reporter

With the fall play just around the corner, work is gearing up to get ready for the show on November 3 and 4.

This year, instead of a traditional play, the night will be a series of one acts. Stories will include titles such as Wait Wait Bo Bait, Skid Marks, and Ths phne: 2.0. Each actor will be in at least one or more of the short stories.

The cast includes Emily Check, Drew Davisson, Sabre Dorsey, Meghan Fletcher, Truman Johnson, Elena Knapp, Emma Kowalski, Carson Miller, Savannah Nieman, Alivia Nosrati, Emma Pech, Erin Raygo, Alyssa Schroeckenthaler, Serena Smith, Allison Wisinski, Baily Wunrow, and Ariel Zoromski.

All three of the one-acts will be vignettes, or one acts that feature a collection of short stories about one theme.

Dena Mercer, SPASH English and drama teacher, will direct the play. She has been directing the musical for many years, however, this is the first year that she is directing the fall play.

Mercer is looking forward to this year’s production.

“I’m excited to be able to direct something that’s not a musical. I’m excited also to see the kids be able to try new things and really flex their acting muscles per say.”

Mercer said people should see the show because “It’s funny, they’re current stories and people will see themselves in all sorts of ways.”

Wait Wait Bo Bait is a short 20-minute vignette about waiting for things to happen.  Characters all go through a different scene waiting for something.

Skid Marks is a one act about people’s different experiences with, and feelings about, cars. It features many different characters going through an experience with their car.

The last one-act, called Ths phne: 2.0, is about 21st century communication. The audience will see each character experience an interesting problem concerning communication through phone or the internet.

Nosrati, an actor in the play, is new to the production this year. She said, “I’m super excited to be involved this year. I’ve done the SPASH musical for two years now, so I thought I would join the fall production as well. Everyone is going to love the show.”