Hmong Club members continue to be busy


The Mirror reporter

Here at SPASH, most students do not know about the Hmong Club but might have heard of Asian-American Friendship Club, which Hmong Club was known as for the past two years.

Although Hmong Club has not solidified their mission statement, their main goal is to help Hmong students be themselves, rediscover oneself and establish one’s identity. Julia Her, one of Hmong Club’s advisors, commented, “It is a place where Hmong students can come to talk about things that are troubling them.”

What makes Hmong Club different from other clubs at SPASH is the cultural piece it holds. The students who join the club come from the same cultural background. Because of that, students typically feel more comfortable with being themselves and engaging in the conversation.

The club is a safe zone for most. A place where they will not feel ostracized.”. As Stephanie Vang, club president, said, “Hmong Club is special because we are able to maintain our identities as a Hmong person in America.”

Currently, Hmong Club is working on their homecoming float. This year, the club had decided to make the float into a Hmong puppet as an example of Hmong folktales and theater. Her said, “Not only is doing a homecoming float something enjoyable, these students are learning how to compromise and work together. It’s a great thing to start the year with.”

Upcoming events for the club consists of a corn maze in October, the HaSEAAC dinner in November, and a play sometime in the spring. Other annual events are selling eggrolls, sponsoring holiday baskets and conducting team building events.