College: free or not free?


The Mirror reporter

While students interested in attending a four-year university run to their classes, improve their grades and study in preparation, are they prepared to pay the price, literally?

According to the Federal Reserve, Americans now have $1.4 trillion dollars in unpaid student debt. With yearly tuition costing thousands of dollars, is it any wonder why some may question the price tag?

If college were made free to all students the younger generations of America would no longer be crushed by rising debt. This, in turn, would lead to more graduates who would go on to buy houses, cars, and travel more, bettering the economy.

It may also give students more incentive to choose a major they may actually enjoy rather than giving into the pressure of choosing a more lucrative major.

On the other hand, if college were to be free who would pay for it? Essentially it could fall onto any taxpayer which makes a lot of Americans very wary of the idea.

If everyone had the chance to earn a degree for free, there is worry it may decrease the value in said degree. There is also the concern of students not putting effort into their studies because they are not financially responsible for it.

Though university is a vital asset to our society, it is not wrong to question whether Americans are getting their bang for their buck.

Students are fortuitous enough to have access to things such as student loans, waived fees, scholarships, meal plans, and so forth to, at least, lessen the burden of financial strain to achieve academic success.

There are also many other options available for people looking to better themselves after high school through the military, community college, technical college, apprenticeships and many other opportunities.

I believe, regardless of financial concern, everyone has the right to achieve in life. If more people in America earned degrees, we would boost employment, not to mention an increase in teachers or health care providers. Education is a basic human right and should be readily available by any means necessary.