Point needs a party palace


The Mirror reporter

There are many things that make Stevens Point a great place to live. Whether someone’s walking the Green Circle Trail or getting ice cream at Belts’, Stevens Point has features that make it a great city. But how much better could Stevens Point be if it had a theme park?

Not only would a theme park bring tourists and be a great family-friendly environment, there are also many health benefits as well. At a theme park one can walk miles without even realizing it, relieving stress and toning muscles.

Wisconsin has very few theme parks consisting roller coasters. The nearest roller coasters are found in the Wisconsin Dells which is well over an hour away. Having a theme park in Stevens Point wouldn’t just attract people in central Wisconsin but many people in northern Wisconsin who don’t have access to roller coasters or any type of theme park.

With Stevens Point having one of the largest high schools in Wisconsin and also having a large university, the target market would be heavy on teenagers. The metropolitan area of Stevens Point consists of nearly 47,000 people, so it’s expected that the theme park would always have plenty of people.

There will also most likely be a thriving economy in Stevens Point. After all, more tourists equals more money circulating in the local economy. When tourists go to the theme park it’s not just the hospitality and tourism industries that get a boost. Gas stations, gift shops and restaurants also benefit from tourists.

Having a theme park will strengthen Stevens Point’s community image and sense of place. Tourists from all around the state would love to come to Stevens Point and fall in love with not only the theme park but all the other places in Stevens Point that makes this town great.