Coffee and its benefits


The Mirror reporter

Starbucks is one of the largest coffee companies in the entire world. Most Starbucks are located in college towns where students just need that little kick of caffeine to get their days going, but does caffeine really enhance a student’s learning ability?

Actually, yes, it does. Coffee benefits people in many ways but it can really can be the “super drink” for students.

Coffee brings lower risk of heart disease, depression, and cancer. Caffeine actually can help people be awake and alert, enhance memory and concentration.

Coffee can even help student athletes. Two cups of coffee post-workout can decrease muscle pain up to 48% according to Caffeineinformer.

Starbucks has gone above and beyond to help students get through their day with a cup of coffee.

They start out helping their student workers with something called “The College Plan.” This is a program that partners with Arizona State University and helps student employees with 24-hour tutoring, eligibility to have full tuition paid and a support system.

They have also helped out on the campuses, having their storefront inside of libraries, study areas and food courts.

Not only have they put storefronts on campuses but have now introduced “coffee trucks.” These trucks drive around the campus of chosen universities providing a convenient way for students to get their boosts of caffeine on the go.