Bring the salad bar back


The Mirror reporter

For years the Stevens Point Area Senior High’s (SPASH) lunch line had a salad bar.

Most recently, SPASH has decided to get rid of the salad bar and sell pre-packaged salads and put in a taco bar instead.

I personally want the salad bar back because the pre-made salads are not meeting my needs.

“I made a salad for myself every day at lunch and added what I wanted on it and now I don’t have a choice of what toppings are put on the salad,” Brooke Tuszka said.

With the salad bar, people had the opportunity to choose what toppings they wanted but now the grab and go salads already have cheese, ham, chicken, cucumbers and boiled egg slices on it.

I think the grab and go salads are strongly overpowered by the amount of cheese and ham already put on top.

What if someone was allergic to cheese or ham? Now someone who is allergic to certain items on the salads can’t eat a salad for lunch anymore.

When I made my salad for lunches I would add a decent amount of lettuce and toppings that would fill me up for the next half of the day.

I think the grab and go salads don’t have enough lettuce to fill me up, let alone fill up a male student at SPASH.

“I used to make myself a huge chef salad to get me through the day and now I don’t even take a pre-packaged salad because it is just not enough food to fill me up,” Brandon Shulfer said.

Before the salad bar cost $2.35. Currently the grab and go salads cost $2.95.

If anything the salad should be cheaper because of the fact that we are given less.

Another aspect that surprised me when we got rid of the salad bar was the fact that SPASH decided to put in a taco bar.

Salads are proven healthier than tacos and SPASH continues to try and find healthier foods in the lunch lines.

I think sticking with a salad bar is a better option than getting rid of it completely.

“I am hoping that we will see the salad bar again soon,” Madison Rivard said.

The only benefit I see with the grab and go salads is how quick and easy it is to grab it out of the line and go eat.