Phone usage should be increased


The Mirror reporter

                        Students throughout the day need to use their phones for school purposes, to contact their parents or to just socialize with their friends.

Some teachers some may not allow phones to be used in their class as they want students to focus in class.

Even if the teacher doesn’t allow phones to be used in class students always find a way to sneak them around without the teacher even noticing. Phones are so small now days and students are getting smarter about hiding them when the teachers look in their direction.

Different teachers let students use their phones in class for academic purposes such as a calculator or Kahoot, an online game for students.

If you are doing well in a class and getting good grade some teachers allow students to go on their phone while they’re teaching. It all just depends on who the teacher is.

When students are on their phones in class, it tends to distract others around them.

With almost every student in the school having a phone it leads to cheating on tests and homework. Students can take pictures of the tests and homework to send them to their friends. They can also text questions and answers between one another.


Not many students seem to cheat that much on tests but homework is a different story. A lot of students share their homework answers with their friends but there is not a lot the school can do about it.

In my opinion, students should be able to use their phone in class. It’s the person’s choice to care about their learning and if they don’t want to learn that is their problem.

I also think in classes where teachers don’t allow phones, students should be able to use them if they have one of the best grades in the class, more like a reward for succeeding in class type of thing.