Week in Review, Dec. 15, 2016

On Tue. Dec. 13, the boys hockey team took on the Northland Pines Eagles at the K.B. Willett.  SPASH started out slow in the first two periods.  In the third, they stepped it up and won 7-1.  SPASH’s record is now 8-1 and are still among one of the top teams in the state. (Submitted by Mark Stoskopf)


Donald Trump slightly widened his lead over Hillary Clinton in a recount of Wisconsin’s presidential contest, leaving him more than 22,000 votes ahead in the final tally. The Wisconsin recount that was completed Monday increased Trump’s victory margin there by 131 votes. He won with 1,405,284 votes. Trump added 844 votes to his total in the Nov. 8 election, while Clinton added 713. Not only did Trump win the recount, but he got extra votes in the bargain, too. Fewer than 1,800 ballots were changed. It cost Green Party candidate Jill Stein $3.5 million dollars to pay for the recount certification by the Wisconsin Election Commission. Ironically, Trump had filed to stop the recount that some were beginning to call a scam by Jill Stein to raise money and build up an email list of gullible left-wingers. Both Pennsylvania and Michigan recounts have been halted by court decisions. (Submitted by Alex Raczek)


According to ABC News, eastern Aleppo has fallen, and military activities there have stopped, according to Russia’s United Nations (U.N.) ambassador. The U.N. called for immediate access to the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo to confirm that fighting has stopped and to oversee evacuation of civilians as well as the withdrawal of rebels. At least 82 civilians, including 11 women and 13 children, were reportedly killed in four eastern Aleppo neighborhoods. Evacuation plans are back on. Some residents trying to leave were attacked by enemy forces but evacuations are still a go, as of Dec. 15.  (Submitted by Faith LeMay)


Wisconsin Republican Joel Kleefisch proposed a law requiring all students in extracurricular activities in Wisconsin high schools to be drug tested. This is a law they say to help counter drug use in high schools, with the main focus being heroin. It would also require random testing for those students who park in the campus parking lot. A handful of schools have done this including Arrowhead, Crivitz and De Pere. (Submitted by Marcus Miller)


Tuesday brought great school victories for Stevens Point. It was a double header game in Marshfield as the girls and boys basketball teams both played. This was the boys conference opener and it could not have gone better as they won by over 20 points. The girls also played a terrific game. Unfortunately, Abby Gemza injured her ankle during the game and will be out for a few weeks. (Submitted by Logan Lewis)


Al’s Diner is being sold. The new name will be Watchman’s Gone and the new owners will be local residents Andy and Samantha Pech. Guzman is selling because she had the opportunity to. She recently has overcome a serious health issue changing her perspective. The new owners love Al’s Diner but are looking to change things a bit including but not limited to a new menu with same prices and offering dinner. Pech said the restaurant will remain the unofficial Green Circle Trail headquarters. Pech emphasized the importance of keeping it community friendly. (Submitted by Jonathon Tolbert)


Dangerously low temperatures have hit North Dakota, Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. With wind chill temperatures reaching as low as -40 degrees, the National Weather Service has issued various cold and snow advisories for those states. A 34-year old woman was found dead in Minnesota; her cause of death was hyperthermia. The number of deaths are expected to rise though the weekend as northern states get hit with the polar vortex. Artic air mass is expected to bring the temperatures in the northern plains below -24 degrees, and that’s not counting wind chill. (Submitted by Kate Reichl)