So, what do you think about…?


The Mirror reporter

At Stevens Point Area Senior High (SPASH) there are over 1500 students each one being different than their peers. Students tend to fall into major social statuses such as jocks, rednecks, academics, and many more.

Five students in each social status were interviewed to see how they compare to each other. Students were asked five questions that could examine how their social status feels about their school/life.

The questions are: On a scale from 1-10 how much do you care about SPASH athletics, how much do you value SPASH academics, what do you typically do after school, what do you generally think of the people at SPASH, and what do you think of the staff at SPASH.

There were multiple different trends in student’s answers. The answers were almost always identical for some questions but very different depending on their social status.

For instance, after several interviews with rednecks the results found that over 80 percent of them didn’t like their classmates and didn’t like their teachers. This is interesting because the results showed that everyone else that was interviewed said they generally like their classmates.

Responses to the question about how much they care about SPASH athletics varied. Like expected, 100 percent of three-sport-athletes were very passionate about SPASH athletics. However, the results were pretty similar to what the athletes said. About 60 percent of students at SPASH appear to be passionate about SPASH athletics.

Students seemed to care more about SPASH athletics than academics although about 50 percent of people said they understand the value of getting good grades. The majority of rednecks said they didn’t care about academics but almost everyone else said they did.

A surprise in the survey was how many students had to go to work after school and how going to work was all they did after school until their day is done. If a student wasn’t working they usually were playing a sport or an exercise of some kind. Twenty percent of students go directly home and stay there the whole night.

The question about if students like the staff at SPASH was the most consistent answer of all the questions. Almost 100 percent said that they generally like most of the teachers but there were some who they “hate.”

Max Hofmeister, Juliet Vargas and Mike Bembenek are part of the diverse crowd at SPASH. (Tom Hatton Photo)