Trump supporters, the ISIS flag and Starbucks

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


The Mirror reporter

This holstarbucks-cup-297x199iday season Starbucks has yet again been able to shock the entire US with its new cup design. The design features a drawing made out of one continuous line of tons of Starbucks employees and customers.

“We found ourselves on the cup and it was really cool, how can you hate a cup? It’s more fun than the basic white cup design,” a local Starbucks Barista said.

Last year the infamous plain “red cup” rattled the US with its lack of Christmas design. People were also upset that nothing Jesus-related was on the cup.

With theholidays right around the corner, Starbucks released a limited edition cup on Nov. 1 which opened the flood gates for the internet to complain.

Thousands of people took to Twitter to announce their rage, as they did the year before.

People were also comparing the new design to the ISIS flag. The ISIS flag, which is dark green and contains a white circular design, bares the slightest resemblance in the fact that there’s a green backgroundand a white circle.

These controversial cups were exclusive and only available until the election. The design was supposed to bring America together during such a rough political season. The white circle resembled unity and how pure and good our nation can be.

Starbucks has also come under fire not because of their cup design but because of what people are writing on the cups.

Trump supporters launched #TrumpCup in order to protest against Starbucks. They started asking baristas to put the name Trump on their Starbucks cup to try to start a movement against Starbucks.

A video showing a Trump supporter yelling at a Starbucks barista who he claimed would not serve him because he was a Trump supporter went viral.

The man in the video said he was being racially discriminated against. Many Trump supporters are calling this a political act of white discrimination.

The protest was an attempt to make Starbucks baristas yell Trump’s name and write it on their coffee cups, as is the company’s regular practice.

Protesting a business usually doesn’t mean buying their product and giving them more money but that’s what happened in this situation.