Keep freshmen where they are


The Mirror reporter

The possibility of the ninth graders of PJ Jacobs and Ben Franklin coming to SPASH is slim to none. But what if they did?

If this were to happen there would be a lot of change coming to SPASH. Classes would be changed, staff would increase and the student body would increase as a whole.

Although this would be a change for us, it could help. It would allow for a lot of diversity at SPASH and would give us students a chance to learn how to work with others that we might not see eye to eye with.

This helps us learn how to adapt to adversity. This is something that is a lifelong skill and will be used a lot in the future when working in an environment that’s not school.

But how much will it really help us? Although it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, it would change everyday life at SPASH. With the current population at around 1600 students, the total would increase to about 2100 students.

Also a lot of different classes would need to be taught to the ninth graders. Although many would be fine, there would be a lot of students who couldn’t jump a grade in math or English.

I feel that there is a lot of good and bad that could come with this, not as much with classes and staff, just with the population increase and how it would affect us.

There would have to be a complete revamp of schedules and class times would be changed drastically.

Overall, I feel like it is fine the way it is. There is no need for change because students from PJ Jacobs and Ben Franklin are getting the same education without being put into the high school environment.