Let’s give a student DJ a chance


The Mirror reporter

Every student wants to enjoy their time at the dances held at Stevens Point Area Senior High (SPASH) in the gymnasium. Student Senate, NHS, and advisers do a great job decorating and making necessary arrangements when dances come up.

SPASH dances are missing one thing though. I believe a student should be allowed to DJ the dances.

“I would love to see a student DJ one of our dances my senior year because I know it will be a dance to remember,” Miranda Mittelstaedt, a senior at SPASH, said.

If we had a student DJ, the students of SPASH would have a more fun time. Each dance would be extra memorable because students had a such a grand time.

A student DJ does not cost as much as a professional DJ.  Hiring a student to DJ would save $1,000 to $1,500 for just one dance.

In some cases, students may even DJ the dance for free.

“It would be my dream to DJ the upcoming dance and make everyone’s good times even better. The school will be saving a decent amount of money if Vollendorf allows me to DJ Winter Formal,” Spencer Tyson SPASH student, said.

Not only would SPASH save money, they would also be making money. If SPASH hired a student DJ, more students would attend the dances, which means more ticket sales.

The DJs that SPASH hires currently are older adults who do not know the student body’s taste in music as well as we’d hope.

Our generation of music has changed over time and the cha-cha slide at dances is not making the cut these days.

If we had a student DJ, students would enjoy their time more because we will love the songs we are dancing to.

“I was not planning on going to the next school dance but if Spencer Tyson is allowed to DJ you can count on me being there,” Joey Roth, a senior at SPASH, said.

Vollendorf would have to put a lot of trust into the student who would be taking the responsibility of DJ’ing the next dances.

In this generation there is a lot of inappropriate content within songs and the student DJ would have to work around the naughty language. There is always a clean version to a song and if the cleaner version is not found, the student DJ should know well enough not to play the original dirty version.

It is a big responsibility that can be filled by any SPASH student who is willing to engage more people during our school dances.