High school sports hierarchy


The Mirror reporter

When you think of high school sports what is the first thing that you think about? You’re probably thinking about football or basketball. Football games are the top sport to hang out with friends, and our basketball team has been doing very well but there still are somethings that are unfair regarding them.

At SPASH those are the two most praised sports. It’s not that they don’t deserve your admiration and consideration. The basketball team did win state the last two years. However, there are many other sports at SPASH that have done well and have got very little attention.

At the cross country state send-off last year, they rushed through the people going and then announced that everyone should attend the football game that night. This is unfair to the people who did well in cross country as the assembly was for the cross country team and not the football team.

Another example of this behavior would be the swimming state send-off. The swimming send-off lasted about three minutes. They only said the swimmer’s names and that they were in a relay, missing the individual event they were swimming.

Additionally, the basketball team had an assemby dedicated to them for winning state during the 2014-2015 season and while they did play very well and deserved the recognition for their excellence, there are other teams at SPASH who won state in their respective events and didn’t get similar honors. What makes basketball so much better than any other team?

Swimming and cross country weren’t the only one’s affected, there were many other sports and non-athletic teams who barely got any recognition. The non-sports teams have it the worst. People who made it to state in debate weren’t recognized and very few other teams were recognized for their accomplishments.

I implore everyone at SPASH to cheer for all the teams that represent this school. Even if you know nothing about that sport or team, you can still show your support. Let’s hope that someday soon all teams will be treated like basketball and football and all SPASH athletes and representatives feel supported by their school and proud to exemplify what it means to be a SPASH Panther.