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Kaylea Hetzer

Kaylea Hetzer, Hour 1

Kaylea is a 16 years old girl from Stevens Point. She is a really sweet girl and a little bit shy, but still very friendly. Her family is composed of her mom, dad, an older brother, and her little brother; all of them are her inspiration and motivation. She would love to be an architect in the future like she said “We should do what we love because you can always marry a rich man,” but she also thinks that if you don’t love what you do you wouldn’t care if you are doing it right and that we need more people that love what they do. You would see Kaylea after school drawing while she listens to her favorite artist Cavetown or watching “Adventure Time.” Kaylea is a really hard working, fearless girl. Sometimes she likes to take risks when it isn't a big deal. Something important is that she is working on loving herself even though sometimes it can be really hard because sometimes some of us think that we should have this approval of people. The only approval we need is our own.

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Do We Really Need PLT?

November 5, 2021
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Kaylea Hetzer