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Breanna Kehl-Rousseau

Breanna Kehl-Rousseau, Hour 1

Breanna was born in New London. Her mom met her step dad and then later on they decided to move to his hometown. When they moved here it was at first Plover then they moved to Stevens Point. Her dad still lives in New London where she still visits him. In five years she sees herself having a job she's passionate about, having her own place, but not too far away from her family. When she goes to college, she wants to have a roommate. A job she wants to have is working with children or else being a therapist or counselor. Breanna enjoys helping people; she wants to use her experience to help other people. She would love to work in the NICU to work with newborns and pregnant mothers. She would also enjoy and love traveling to help sick kids and many families. In her free time she likes hanging out with friends to distract her from the world. One fun fact about Breanna is that she has two dogs at her mom's house that she loves, one is a golden retriever and the other one is a Saint Bernard. She loves to travel, over the summer she went to five different new states and she hopes to travel more when she’s older. Breanna looks up to her parents, who have multiple jobs to support their family. They put their children’s needs before their own. Her parents' experiences showed her and pushed her to be better and stronger.

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Breanna Kehl-Rousseau