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Amber Mrozek

Amber Mrozek, Hour 1

Amber Mrozek has been doing gymnastics for ten  years.  She also enjoys art and painting outside of SPASH. She was born in Marshfield and lives with her family in Plover. Ten years from now she plans to buy a house and have many dogs and cats. In the future, she wants to become a makeup artist. Amber’s favorite food is anything made of potatoes like french fries, mashed potatoes or tater tots. She chose this class because this class is more writing based than other English classes. Plus she enjoys reading the news. Amber is in her senior year at SPASH. She has one younger sister and no brothers, but her two cousins act like her brothers. Along with her human family, she also has two pets. The dog’s name is Snicker and the cat's name is Nemo from the Finding Nemo movie. She likes math, specifically algebra and equations problems. When reading books she enjoys reading mystery and crime books because the books have a lot of twists and clues.

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COVID-19 Miracle Pill?

January 18, 2022
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Amber Mrozek