The Dream Team?

Aidan Hardina

SPASH boys soccer wins Wisconsin Valley Conference, DC Everest. Oct 5, 2021

Unlike other sports, there is perpetual action in the game of soccer. Players are typically always moving and helping out the team even when they don’t have the ball. The SPASH boys’ soccer team has had a phenomenal season and has a strong chance to make it to the state tournament. 

The team’s success this season has come from their hard work and dedication. It was not easy for them to earn their record of 14-3-3 (wins-losses-ties). Even after a win, the team continued to push themselves in an effort to play better in every game. According to the players, practicing finishing drills have helped them to score the goals for the win. Junior defending midfielder Ben Omernick explained, “We have also been doing a drill for attacking the last third of the field (the opponent’s end of the field.”

Although there are many strengths to the soccer team, their midfield is robust. During the conference game Ben Omernik was able to move the ball up the field many times where he was able to pass to one of the forwards which they were able to then take a shot on net. Furthermore,  Omernik stated, “I think our midfield is our strong suit on our team. We have a lot of shooting talent and speed with our midfield.” When asked why the midfield is the strongest, he replied, “It is our strong suit because that is how we move the ball up the field, and with our speed we can get to the ball quickly when an opponent is attacking.”

Just as in most sports, teams play better on their home field. The SPASH soccer team has a winning record at home. Winston Hill, defender, stated, “Home field advantage helps because of our student section. It gets in the other team’s head and keeps our team pumped up.”

Overall the players believe they have a great chance at going to state due to the team’s dedication and chemistry on and off the field. The team is almost there but has to avoid obstacles to reach their dream. Hill stated, “The hardest obstacle will be remaining fresh without anyone getting injured, and getting the energy to finish the game strong.”