Afghanistan Lives in the U.S

Saul Lopez Vargas

 Many people from Afghanistan  are starting a new life and  ten  people will start nearby in  Wausau. They are here because they had to leave their own country.  They left their own country when they didn’t feel safe .They are here as refugees and they have been here for the last three  months. People are happy to be here, but some people are sad they had to leave just for them to be more comfortable and safe. 

So according to the Wausau Daily Herald  News, ten Afghan refugees will settle in Wausau by the end of this year. As  many as 75 more could arrive early next year. Voss is pastor at Wausau’s First United Methodist Church. She started working on bringing refugees to Wausau in 2020. Wausau Mayor Katie Rosenberg and U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin worked through the requirements of the U.S. State Department and coordinated with refugee resettlement agencies. A group called the Ethiopian Community Development Council, based in the Washington, D.C. area, will hire a Wausau-based director to manage the efforts. The refugees will need to learn how everything works here in the U.S because everything is so different compared to  Afghanistan. They may also need to learn English. How can they learn English? They can use  apps or go to school and learn  English  here in Wausau by taking English Language Learning classes at Northcentral Technical College .

The  number of refugees settling in Wausau is relatively small., Other cultures have come to Wausau for something better. When the Hmong came, there were not a lot, but now there are more. Families may start to grow and work around family and friends. There may only be a few Afghani people starting to live in Wausau and in the future their culture will grow. Families may start  to grow and work around family and friends in the time when those few Afghanis people start to live in Wausau. People come here for something better. Just like many others Americans have done before. 

This is important because they came here because they didn’t have a choice. They came here because they want to protect their families and do something better for them.