Coronavirus in Wisconsin

Danae Marshall

Over the course of seven months the Coronavirus has caused a pandemic. The positive cases skyrocketed within a very short period of time. In Wisconsin it has changed the daily lives of everyone. People have lost jobs or had to work from home. Children could no longer go to school; they had to attend online classes in order to complete their year. Businesses were being shut down or closed and the state was ordered to be on quarantine lockdown.

Over a period of time people were starting to get tested and gradually people started to take more than one test. Looking at The Wisconsin Department of Health  it shows that on 3/09 there were 0 negative and 0 positive there for most people who were not concerned nor prepared for what was going to happen. 11/03 the total amount of positive tests were 15.6%, a drastic change within a very short amount of time. From March to November people started to get very concerned, very quick. No one knew what was going on nor did they know what to do. People wanted answers and they wanted them fast. 

It became more than just the testing and how many people took them. Different races and genders were affected by the virus in different ways. According to the Wisconsin Department of Health females had 124,226 cases (50.9%) and 969 (44.9%) deaths. Males had 119,332 (48.9%) cases and  1,185 (55%) deaths. Whites were the most affected race by the coronavirus. The reason why is because the majority of Wisconsin’s population is white. If you go to the cities of Wisconsin the most affected people are people of color. The reason why is because most of the time in the cities people of color tend to live in more low income areas. Those low income areas tend to be very close to one another; their houses are close and they don’t have the money for hospital bills and/or they have jobs that they have either lost or can not lose and will not give a reason to lose money to provide for their homes. 

Covid was found to be airborne in the article “How Does Coronavirus Spread” from The New York Times which is why the virus is spreading so rapidly. SARS-CoV is actually what causes COVID-19. These aerosols are collected in the hospital rooms of Covid-19 patients containing the coronavirus. Opening windows and doors can be very helpful. Due to the fact that aerosols float, something as simple as a draft can cause another person to get COVID-19. Scientists argued just because aerosols can contain SARS doesn’t prove they cause infection, but one diner infected 9 others with no contact leaving them to think that the airflow coming from the air vents in the restaurant moved aerosols and gave other consumers the virus.  

Overall it is important to comply with the recommended requirements to prevent COVID-19 because it is very contagious and easy to receive. If one does not take precautions they could end up in the hospital and in quarantine for weeks and might have a possibility of dying. Wear a mask and use hand sanitizer. Social distance (6 feet apart) is a very good way to prevent Covid. Having a proper filter in your mask matters, use surgical masks or something with soft fabric. Lastly one of the biggest ways to prevent getting the virus is to avoid crowds.