Portage County COVID-19 Outbreaks

Katalyna Vang

Do most people go through struggles or hard times in a pandemic? The beginning of 2020  has been a crazy year. Portage County Health and Human Services  had the guidance to help the community for all information about COVID-19. The Portage County gets all updated for information from CDC and DHS.  COVID-19 has been here since the beginning of the year and all around the world people  hear the news about COVID-19. This could be a dangerous situation as the COVID-19 virus keeps spreading more and more.  The world did shut down for a couple months. People are scared that COVID-19 cases are increasing and people died from COVID-19. The best way for the people to stay safe is to stay home 

At this time, Portage County shows the numbers of COVID-19 cases. The test results for people who have positive tests is 3.281 cases since March 2020. It shows people recovered and hospitalizations. Portage County has the COVID-19 cases data and there are more cases everyday. The Wisconsin Department of Health Service reported all the data to track people who have it and there’s the data like negative case, recovered, hospitalizations, deaths, and active cases.

From the Portage County Health & Human Services Data Dashboard

Also, ¨more cases of COVID-19 are likely to be identified in the United States in the coming days, including more instances of community spread. CDC expects that widespread transmission of COVID-19 in the United States will occur. In coming months, most of the U.S.  population will be exposed to this virus,” said the CDC.  The virus can be a risk to people who can get infected by another person. The virus can spread more in communities and the world. People were scared to hear about the pandemic. People tried to stay home and work for a couple months.  COVID-19 cases can be decreased. People’s lives are important and it is important to stay healthy in a pandemic.

Besides COVID-19, people are struggling with the stress of some businesses that are still closed or have restrictions. There is also a scare of students being exposed to COVID while attending school.The healthcare system is overloaded and tracking all the people who have it.  The workers are at higher risk to help people and workers are stressed. The workers have to work more hours during a pandemic. CDC did tell people who have little illness and have to stay home for 14 days or more.

Finally,  Portage County community is showing the number of COVID-19 cases. It’s everything you need to know about COVID-19 from CDC and other information. Portage County has information to have the answers. The solution is the  people have to be careful with the virus. These could be serious situations in which we have to protect ourselves and take care of our health. Event though the community has access to all information about COVID-19, the number of the cases is still high. COVID-19 is still here since 2019 and it got really bad in the past few months. We need the COVID-19 cases to decrease. It’s hard to see people get it and die