NBA G League best option

Noah Viegut


Young basketball players who wish to go to the NBA are faced with a tough decision today. There are many different options for what these athletes could do after college. They could go to college for a year, go play overseas in Europe or Australia, or go to the NBA G League. 

With these different options, it is hard to know which option is the best, and many young stars look for older players’ advice on what to do.

If players choose to go to college they can expect everyone to praise their choice because we get to watch them on TV and root for them during March Madness, but college basketball often leads to corrupt money offers. 

Two number one picks in the NBA draft have been investigated for accepting financial offers from colleges and accepting money from sponsors for wearing their gear on the court. 

I think that the best option for players is to go straight to the NBA G League and avoid all illegal offers. This way they get a feel for what it is like on an NBA team and they can stay in the USA and not go overseas.