A game full of fun

McKenna Coyle


Being stuck at home all day is no fun, but it is easy to find a way to make the best out of it. Video games have always been fun to play and luckily many games range for all ages to play. Many teenagers grew up with a video console called a “Wii” and for the people that got one when it was released in 2012 also bought the game “Mario Kart.”

Mario Kart is a go-kart-style racing video game with many challenges and battles that bring lots of fun for you and your family. A Wii can have up to four players on Mario Kart at a time so that you can compete with your family and friends and race to win first place.

There are many different characters, race cars and racing maps that you can choose from leaving you to never get bored from playing. You must unlock all of these things first by completing different challenges doing this makes you better at the game.

My personal favorite map on Mario Kart would have to be Mushroom Gorge because I can always get first place in it and it is an easy map. The hardest map in Mario Kart, would either be Wario’s Gold Mine or Rainbow Road. I, along with many other people, strongly dislike those maps due to always falling off the edge and coming in twelfth place which is last place.

To play this game, you have to be a good sport about losing because it is very easy to get mad at the computer-operated characters and your own friends/family, and you just might throw the Wii controller across the room. You have to prepare yourself for what could likely happen during a simple game of Mario Kart.

I always like to play with a steering wheel so it is easier for me to turn while driving in the game. Driving with the steering wheel also makes the controller less tempting to throw when you get mad because at least you know that if you throw the whole thing together, you might just break something so it prevents you from getting yelled at.

Mario Kart is a game for almost all ages and is a great way to pass time while avoiding school work and being stuck inside all day. If you do not have a Wii, I suggest getting one along with the game so that you can experience the enjoyment of this very fun game.