The start of a new era

Kenny Schultz


SPASH baseball has been around the town of Stevens Point for a long time and has had some great players go through the program. Brandon Vlcko, a sophomore and baseball player at SPASH has been waiting for this season to come around for a while now. Vlcko has been playing baseball since he was five years old and has been on a lot of teams that have been very successful and some that have not.

How do you think this year’s team is going to do?

I think that if we all come together, we can make a deep playoff run this year which would be very nice and enjoyable.

Do you think it’s going to be hard for Coach Terpstra to make cuts this year based on your knowledge of the skill of the freshman and sophomore classes?

The talent in my sophomore class isn’t very deep but I believe the freshman class has some pretty good athletes and could be a key to our success so therefore, I do think it will be pretty hard for Coach Terpstra to make cuts this year.

What is your overall team goal for this upcoming season?

I want this year’s team to build relationships with one another that are so close and that carry us so far into the postseason.

How much depth do you think this year’s team is going to have?

I think that our pitching depth this year is what is going to carry us because we have three very good arms, but I think that the concern will be our infield and outfield depth because our senior class is so small.

What position(s) do you think you’ll play this year? What do you think your role will be on the team?

I think I’m going to play quite a bit of outfield this year and hopefully share time catching with Vinnie Fonti. I think because I’m still young my role might be starting out on the bench this year but when I get my chance I’m going to give it everything I’ve got.

What is your personal goal for this upcoming season?

To be the best I know I can be every time I step out onto that field because I know every chance I get is important