It’s snow secret, winter’s coming


The Mirror reporter

Christmas is the time of giving gifts, gathering with family, bringing out the cozy sweaters and big coats. It’s also the time for the temperature to fall below zero, iced windshields and bad road conditions.

For people who live in Wisconsin, winter is inevitable. At Stevens Point Area Senior High (SPASH) new and not new drivers face the harsh conditions of the winter weather.

The first snowfall of the year is a good reminder that winter is on its way. A reminder form the district does the same. The superintendent, Dr. Craig Gerlach, sent out a weather notification in October informing parents, students, and faculty, what they will do about school closings in these winter months.

The decision to close school due to bad weather is made by the transportation manager and superintendent who monitor the weather through the day, evening, and early morning hours. Depending on safety and timing of bus travel, the superintendent will make the decision to close or not close the schools/district for the day. The decision is made by 5:30 a.m. whether school should take place for that day.

The school district prepares three different strategies for when roads are unsafe.

The district might end up closing schools for the day and no after-school activities would occur.

Students may have a half day of school depending on the weather situation and no after-school activities would take place later in the day.

If the forecast predicts bad weather for the evening, after school events may be canceled.

If school is canceled parents, staff and community will be notified. People may receive updates by checking the district website , get a phone call, text, or email notification.

As Stevens Point gets a light dusting of snow the new student drivers are hitting the road, excited as ever. It is important for students to understand that winter weather is very dangerous and can bring anxiety to new drivers.

“I just got my license and now that winter is coming it makes me quite nervous. I am most concerned about slippery roads and people not paying enough attention. And here at SPASH people don’t always watch out for other cars,” sophomore Mallory Richter said.

“I don’t always feel comfortable driving in the winter weather because my car does not tolerate the snow very well. It really depends on the weather when I am driving. Some days the roads are nice and plowed and other times not and when the roads are bad it is nerve-racking,” senior Alyssa Schroeckenthaler said.

Jenna Eilers, junior at SPASH gives some advice to the new drivers on the road. “People just need to be careful and drive slow. The roads are going to be slippery no matter how bad it is snowing. People just have to pay attention to others around you and make sure you brake early.”

When school is dismissed early, students flood the parking lot, eager to leave but with all those students rushing they may forget to drive safely and responsibly which can cause stress for SPASH security.

“The biggest mistake students make is not looking behind them when they back up. They are so busying rushing that they take no time to check behind them to see if anyone is there. They need to learn that not everything is a race and to just slow down and take their time,” said security officer Jim Mansavage.