The Rake-a-thon is on


The Mirror reporter

A holiday will soon be celebrated in the nation. It’s Make a Difference Day and it takes place on Oct. 27.

Millions of people in the nation will give back to their community, including Stevens Point. Groups will head to parks, buildings, or even people’s homes that need something done that will be challenging or cost money. The people then do whatever they have to, for free, so their community can be a happier place for everyone to live in.

Student Cecelia Kedrowski didn’t know about this day but after finding out said,  “It would be nice to give back to the community.”

Volunteers in Portage County will meet at PJ Jacobs Junior High at 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. where they will be given an assignment. Last year, 1000 people in Portage County signed up to volunteer and 150 to 160 lawns were raked.

Make a Difference Day began in 1992 and has inspired hundreds of thousands of people in the world to help out in their community. Make a Difference Day is funded from TEGNA, INC.