Volleyball event benefits cancer survivors


The Mirror reporter

Diggin the Cause, an event held at SPASH by the volleyball team on Sept. 27 is one of many events that SPASH holds for charity. Diggin the Cause is focused on breast cancer and raising money for research. The event has been held at SPASH for eight years now.

Diggin the Cause goal was to raise $10,000 for research. All profit was donated to Breast Care Fund in association with the Ascension/Saint Michael’s Foundation. SPASH does not have a total amount yet but it is over their goal of $10,000.

Julie Johnson the head coach of SPASH volleyball team, was very excited for Diggin the Cause and feels, “super proud every year. It’s a special night with tons of support from the school community,” said Johnson.

Diggin the Cause has a huge effect on the team that night, according to Hannah Meyer, a member of the SPASH volleyball team, “It gives a boost of confidence in the team and brings you together more,”  Meyer said.

That night was also a great night for the team. With the Digging the Cause victory, SPASH’s volleyball team record moved to 29-2.