Devil’s Lake trip transforms the class into a family


The Mirror reporter

April 25 Amy Steinmetz’s (also known as Steiny by her students,) second semester Adventure Leadership class headed to Devil’s Lake for an overnight camping trip.

Their itinerary was simple but full. On Wednesday, April 25, they would spend the day hiking, pitching tents, cooking dinner together, and lastly spend some emotional time around the campfire. Thursday was a full day dedicated to rock climbing which they had been preparing for the whole semester on the school’s rock wall.

Brianna Besaw said, “If you have met Steiny before, you know her calm, authentic personality is one of a kind, and thanks to her, our class was able to become closer with each other and experience the wonders of the Adventure Leadership Devil’s Lake trip. Steiny promoted being still in order to appreciate and become aware of the environment you live in. With the fast pace nature of the world and our busy lives, this time of reflection and appreciation is something that everyone should take part of, even if it is as simple as being conscious of your breathing. The special thing about the people on this trip was that we were all there together, sharing the same, yet different experience. Each one of us had our own view and experience in regards to the nature of the park, many, this being the first visit to the park. I can tell you one thing that we all shared, a new perspective about valuing the things that surround you, the people, the surroundings, the views. “

Alongside Steinmetz were Ryan Marnocha and Charley the bus driver. Ryan Marnocha personally drove up after SPASH baseball practice late April 25. Marnocha is a physical education teacher at SPASH and is qualified to help monitor students as they climb. Marnocha help runs W.R.A (Wisconsin River Academy) which is a class similar to Adventure Leadership. He hiked up with Charley and the remainder of the students on April 26 and kept an eye on the students as they climbed.

Charley came out of retirement just to go on the trip with the class. On the bus ride, he would point out some fun facts about the area or stories about people relating to the area as they drove past ranging from environmentalists to serial killers. He was full of fun and entertaining stories about Devil’s Lake and the surrounding area and enthusiastically shared them with the class. Students who were near him or walked the trails with him got to experience some of his many interesting stories. Some got to know that Charley is an avid rock collector and how he tapped over 20,000 trees for maple syrup. The stories varied but were always fun and interesting to hear.

Besaw also said, “Laughing through the trails, climbing to new heights, and witnessing the power of opening up to others. Throughout the trip, I witnessed the kind, supportive, humorous, and adventurous nature of each person, and what we accomplished as a group, rather which would be helping each other down the rocks, the musical entertainment, encouraging each other to get out of their comfort zone, and the power of a campfire. The Devil’s Lake camping trip was a uniting experience that I will treasure forever.”

The two days the class spent together at Devils Lake were mesmerizing, everyone was conversing and having fun with each other and it was just overall a really fun and emotional trip for everyone who went. You could ask anyone who had partaken on this amazing trip whether it is the bus driver or the teachers who helped sponsor the event and they would all tell you how fun and enlightening the trip is.