SPASH Tennis serves up a fresh season


The Mirror reporter

With their first practice taking place on April 2, the SPASH tennis season is now in full swing. Coming off a rather successful year, they have large shoes to fill in order to quell SPASH’s monstrous hunger for success.

Last year, SPASH tennis boasted a third-place conference finish, and then senior John Peck advanced to the second round.

This year, the team consists of seven freshmen, three sophomores, five juniors and four seniors. One junior, by the name of Ethan Manzke, is a new member of the varsity team. He has, until this year, been a singles player, however this season he will also be competing in doubles with fellow junior Luke Kozisek. He is optimistic about this season. “I’m glad that I can be apart of something so great,” said Manzke. “Even though practice has only begun, I can already tell that we have something special.”

Hindered by bad weather, the team has struggled to find sufficient practice time. Despite the fact that spring is here, it has not quite sprung.

Coach Trevor Knight’s resolve has not faltered over the ordeal. ”The bad weather has forced us indoors a lot,”  said Knight. “We’ve been able to hit the courts outdoors twice, and that was because we shoveled.”