It’s time to ACT


The Mirror reporter

On Feb. 27 students at Stevens Point Area Senior High (SPASH) took the ACT. The ACT, American College Testing Program, is a series of exams which are used for college admission in the United States. In 2016 Wisconsin passed an act getting rid of required standardized testing and replaced it with the ACT.

The ACT is used to measure students’ knowledge and skills in reading, language arts, mathematics and science.

“The ACT can be very stressful and it takes a lot of preparation. I started studying a month in advance because I was so worried, especially for the math and science section. Studying definitely helped and I’m glad I decided to study. I feel it took some of the pressure off,” junior Tolya Zutz said. “However, I do feel that the test is unnecessary and a test shouldn’t decide if you get into college or not.”

More tests are scheduled at SPASH on April 14 and June 9. Students who missed or would like to retake the ACT can go to to preregister. Test dates, times, locations, etc. are provided when registering.

“We had excellent attendance this year, however, 13 juniors did miss the test. All juniors are required to take it, so these specific students can see me to register,” stated counselor Jennifer Reis.  “But students who wish to retake the test mush visit the ACT website.”

“When it comes to the ACTs almost all students retake it at least once,” Reis said. Students may retake the ACT as many times as they like, the

highest score is kept.

Resources are available for students who wish to improve their ACT scores.