A fight against illness


The Mirror reporter

Illnesses of SPASH are rising by the tens. A violent flu and cold has been going around for the past two months and almost everyone is being affected by it.

This year’s flu season has been violent. SPASH students keep getting sicker as the days go by.

“I have never been sicker in my life, at least from what I can remember. For the past three weeks it has been an on and off thing. I get sick then it goes away but magically comes back,” Meghan Fletcher said.

“I contracted influenza A a couple of weeks ago and it was pure death. I don’t recall ever being more sick in my life than I was when I had influenza,” Aylissa Gleason said.  “I recommend that everyone washes their hands thoroughly and always uses Purell after touching a public item from now on.”

“I have been sick on and off these past few weeks with a cold and strep throat. I feel like this year has been the peak for students being sick,” Breanna Zificzak said.

Nobody really knows how many people have been hospitalized this year but it very well could be a record-breaking number

An average of one-fourth of the school’s absences for the past two months has been caused by the rapid spreading of these illnesses.

Studies show that this has been the worse flu season since the 2009 swine flu epidemic.