Star Wars continues to deliver


The Mirror reporter

Disney Princess Leia?

On Oct. 12, 2012, George Lucas announced that he and Walt Disney Productions struck a deal for one of the most popular movie franchises ever, Star Wars.

On the date that I had heard of this deal, I had thought that the whole Star Wars franchise was over. Seriously, how could Disney keep the Star Wars hype? Is Mickey Mouse going to be a part of his own species?

Not too long after Disney bought the Star Wars franchise, they announced the release of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. The film was set to, and did, come out in December of 2015. When they announced the release they also announced that George Lucas would be co-writing the movie, however, it would be co-written and directed by J.J. Abrams, director of many action- filled movies such as Star Trek and television shows such as Lost.

Now, when I heard that Lucas would be co-writing the movie I had a slight sigh of relief because he would be there to keep Abrams in check when it came to movie accuracy. However, I was still skeptical about Abrams, not knowing how his style of directing would fit with the rest of the franchise.

I had an even bigger sigh of relief shortly after when the cast was announced because Abrams was bringing back three actors from the previous movies of the franchise, Carrie Fisher (who played Princess Leia) Harrison Ford (Han Solo) and Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker).

And then the moment came, the movie was released. I went to the cinema the day it came out. And, long story short, I never said a word throughout the whole movie. The film had me so intrigued the whole time.

I personally thought the movie was very well-made. “The Force Awakens” still had that Star Wars flair. All of my worries went out the window after I saw that movie. Abrams lived up to expectation.

Less than a year later Lucasfilms announced the release of the next Star Wars movie, Rogue One. With the announcement of this movie, I had the same expectations for this movie as I did with “The Force Awakens.” The movie was to be released in December of 2016 and was released precisely then.

When I went to see this movie I had the same reaction as to the last one. The movie was extremely well-done and the chosen actors were perfect. The storyline made sense and, best of all, the movie was action-packed

Ultimately, I have high expectations with the newest movie, “The Last Jedi,” seeing as how it is bringing back actors from “The Force Awakens” and is being directed and produced by the same people. I believe the decision of Lucas to hand over the rights to Disney was ultimately the correct one, as they were able to add extra to the series while having Lucas there to co-produce to keep all of the old factors of the movies.